the original imac; the sordid life of

History of me in 3 paragraphs.

Born in Grafton NSW 1969. Dad was a cop, Mum a home maker. One brother, Drew. One ex step brother and ex step mother (what would you call that?). Grew up in suburban middleclassdom in Sydney Australia.

Keen musician for many years (drums - figuring out that I’ve hit something 6.5 million times) later developed into a fetish for acting and then Directing (I noticed that I’ve put acting in lower case and Directing with a capital D).

Married with 2 beautiful daughters and an extremely patient and loving wife. Became a drama teacher, Director and actor. First feature role ‘Fragment’ coming to a cinema soon.






improper grammar


About? Who cares?

Vanity, thy name is McPhee

This is the Home of the original imac aka

Ian S McPhee (Actor/Director/Writer)

Here you’ll find all that stuff written in the box on the side so it’s kind of pointless to read this.

However, it must be said that a web presence is paramount in todays modern twittering world so here ‘tis.